6 Tui Terrace - Flat and Garages Quantity Poss Value
Kelvinator freezer 1
Assorted garden tools
Saws 2
White Folding airing rack 1
BBQ Belongs to Robin
Carton of windup trains 1
Carton of matchbox toys 1 Yes
Carton of toys 1
Hornby electric train set in box 1 Yes
Cartons of metal rail tracks 2
Red "Walker" with basket 1
Outdoor metal chairs 2
Topcook electric mini oven 1
Various gardening buckets and pots
Box of old shoes 1
Large plastic zip bag of toys 1 Yes
Green folding recliner chair 1
Boogey boards 3 Belong to Robin
Outdoor wooden table 1
Boxes of wine 5 Belong to John
Five drawer chest containing old tools
Orange rubber dinghy 1
Chilly bins 2
Green plastic stool 1
Fishing rods 6
Boat hooks 2
Wooden chairs with cream vynl seats 2
Wheelbarrows 2
Lilo 1
Blow-up double mattress 1
Round white plastic table 1
Garage 2
This contains windsurfers,
 kayaks and water sports gear belonging to the family and Saltwater Lodge.
It also contains scenery stored for Tairua Troubadours.
The back cupboards contains old tools and building supplies.
There are a number of old doors leaning against the back wall.